Photo Credit: Robin Higgins

How would you approach this classic math puzzle?


Some mathematical proofs give only part of the picture

Sometimes, the less you know, the easier it gets.

“Will we ever actually use this in the Real World?”


Joseph Fourier (source)

An easy-to-follow demonstration.

Trig Functions on the Unit Circle (Animation by Author)

The Celebrated Trancendental

This is what you getwhen you search for images of “calculus.” (Source)

Another adventure in doing calculus wrong

That look that says, “Trig makes sense!” (Source)

A Geometric Proof

Induction is dangerous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (Source)

A Cautionary Tale

This student is happy because she is studying trigonometry. (Source)

Once you see a triangle this way, you can never unsee it.

Adam Hrankowski

Adam Hrankowski is a maths/physics tutor in BC. You can find his stuff on YouTube: youtube/c/mathadam

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