Nananananananana… Mathadam! Several parabolas and a few quartics.

Inspired by the Batman Equation, I tried my hand at this mathematical artform.

In maths, as in life, a fresh perspective often helps. (Source)

Yes. You can do that. The calculus police won’t arrest you.

Your feedback is important. Really. It is.

“Tell us something we don’t already know!”

Why the solution works when it feels like it shouldn’t

99 perfect logicians are stranded on a remote island. As perfect logicians, each is able to immediately determine the logical outcome of any statement. These perfect logicians all have blue eyes. Each Islander is able to observe all the others. However, they are all unable to communicate with one another. Furthermore, each is (somehow) unable to observe his/her own eye colour.As a result of these circumstances, each logician knows the following to be true:At least 98 people here have blue eyes.Each day at noon…

A Feline Black Hole (Source)


It’s best to be prepared.

Escape Velocity

1000 Bottles of Wine. Which one has been poisoned? (Image Source)


How will you find the one bottle out of 1000?

Phote Credit: Robin Higgins

This proof requires basic calculus and a little patience.

1. Assume the Converse

The lady is not amused. Photo credit: Robin Higgins

Wolfram Alpha’s two opposing answers to the same question

Photo Credit: Robin Higgins

How would you approach this classic math puzzle?


Some mathematical proofs give only part of the picture

Adam Hrankowski

I am a maths/physics tutor in BC. You can find my stuff on YouTube: If you’d like to buy me a coffee: Thanks!

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